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Versuri The Devil To Pay

Go on, girl, take your chances See how long you can go on from man to man I can read the lines between your stolen glances And I know it's time to fold this losing hand 'Cause you're drawn to the flame By the thrill and the shame Of the cheating game they taught you how to play But there's a price to that high lie you're living And you've still got the devil to pay Join your friends, while you got 'em 'Cause you know you're getting older every day You can't wait to let 'em take you to the bottom And I'm getting tired of standing in your way But when you hit the ground Don't go lookin' around For the pieces of the love you threw away That's just a part of the high cost of leaving And you've still got the devil to pay. You've been flying so high for so long that you lied To yourself now, most of all Baby, all that you needed from me was the freedom to fall. When your bright lights are gone You'll be standing alone And forsaken in the naked light of day And you'll know that it's all over but the dying And you've still got the devil to pay.

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