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Versuri The Crying Scene

Words and music by Roddy Frame We were two in a million, Stars like the ones in the sky, A love scene and a vision, We saw the world and we waved goodbye. Watched the fireworks falling, We kissed and innocence died. The sound of certainty calling, A world that wouldn't be satisfied. Chorus: You only get one hit, that's the beauty of it, What's the good in crying? It's always been that way, at the end of the day, You gotta keep on trying. Life's a one take movie and I don't care what it means, I'm saving up my tears for the crying scene. Tears fall and they haunt me, The sad words of a song, It's like necessity wants me, Sometimes I long just to belong. I dream of demons and money, I see the straights in the rain, I gotta keep on movin', Before they drag me down again... Chorus

Muzica melodiei versuri ultima melodie The Crying Scene album. Aztec Camera cuvinte versuri melodia cuvinte piesa cantece muzica straina melodia.

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