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Versuri The Battle Of Flodden

Goodby my love, I leave my fate to the king I must be off to battle, fortune it may bring Fortune for the nobles Death and Pain, life will be sold Goodby my love, I must fight and I may die The king is calling, I must obey why do we have to kill The Reaper laughs, I hear him still Screams above the battlefield Steel and Blood a fate si sealed The harvester of Death is out Can't you hear him scream aloud [Chorus:] Into the battle, into the battle Can't you hear the screams from flodden hill September the 3rd of fifteen thirteen We met the English at Flodden Hill God knows we gave it all A damned day, I saw many fall I stood with my king and he fought like hell Pierced with arrows, he finally fell With the king fell Scotland's Pride A damned day, so many died

Cantece muzica straina album versuri descarca. Grave Digger The Battle Of Flodden versuri album ultima melodie asculta melodiei melodia.

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