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Versuri The Ballad Of Johnny X

The Ballad Of Johnny X Lyrics Johnny says he's bound by only six stirngs to this world Johnny says he keeps them always one turn out of tune Johnny never listens to the kids that say Johnnyx ain't never done the right thing anyway Johnny wears his leather like a crown of thorns Johnny spends alot of time wishing he was never born Johnny waits at journal square and tells himself again Johnny you're the patron saint of spitting in the wind' Johnny's got all the scars but he'll never learn from them Johnny's past is his guide but he can't remember where he's been. Johnny looks up through the steam of his caffine and says life a train i barely caught just to find out i ain't got the fare i got my records of the king to keep me the red red wine in the air is drifting four chords and the spite to use them and just enough wisdom to ignore the truth.

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