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Versuri Bullying The Jukebox

Bullying The Jukebox Lyrics Well i walked into the bar and i put in twenty bucks Because i know people taste in music sucks About four hours had passed, forty picks and my empty glass, a tasty number all dressed in black tried to rock us with her wack attack There was no fuss we knew her game you look good but all your songs are lame Bullying the jukebox because it's fun, you can't get near it until we're done Bullying the jukebox because we rule all the songs we like are really cool Songs of punk and songs of joy, love songs about girls and boys; songs of metal and English stuff and some hardcore songs to make us feel tough but we all agreed that the songs of woe, and the songs of loved ones had to go Churned up memories of time we dreamt that got us all verklempt We drank until our last song We paid our tab and we said so long swerwing in and out of cars... it's off to rock another bar

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