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Here We Go Lyrics We were riding north to chicago on route 65 we'd played the first show on a tour of 45 limey Shawn and Bryan rode in the truck 16 miles away me Shal Pete and Lamar thumbed down the ramp of exit 158 the smell of farm and diesel fuel it burned in the 3:00 sun 16 miles to the garage with a bottle of water and our thumbs. Dead bottle caps buds and birds we passed on the way who's gonna pick up 4 punks in indiana on sunday here we go! the diagnosis wasn't good is what Don the ford guy said. Stuck in indiana for a week cuz the bus was dead. 24 hour white castle 25cent refills for a while we know what to do with no money riding down the jewel of the denial. Loaded with our sleeping bags we hitched a ride to town we ran into some punky kids bought some beers they showed us around under a bridge by the river we got drunk and sang clash songs we were saved just in time by the sonic iquana here we go!.

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