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Versuri Temptation Tide

Close my eyes Feel the fire Overwhelming fear and desire (so hard for you to stem the tide) Wavering heart, the flames growing higher (grab your bottle get your coat and hide) Lose what I have To test new water My mind is awash 'round the thoughts of her (so hard for you to fill my eyes) So much at stake, can't stay awake (temptation for me and for you) Drifting off (out with the tide) Dreams come so easily Filled with wasted fantasy We're together until the tide (so hard for you to stem the tide) Time enough to quell the day (test the water, there's the place, fill your heart) Tide's going out, here I am to stay (temptation tide)

Temptation Tide album versuri cuvinte muzica straina. Mp3 versuri cuvintele Sebadoh ultima melodie melodia.

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