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Versuri Telecosmic Alchemy

In blase and dream away Nothinâ grew, so mark it bland (?) Iâm sad, fuck sad, Iâm teary-eyed Want a lovey-dovey honey, thatâs what I like Iâm the finest drifter youâll ever meet Iâm the kindest drifter youâll ever meet Donât think nothinâ cards condemn Iâm sure we both cut and shuffle them I cry âcuz Iâm drunk, plead âcuz Iâm down Gravity immune, yeah, I didnât leave town Learn to talk, teach me alchemy Now the witch canât spell what my future might be Want a lovey-dovey honey that will learn to talk I bought the gin and tonic, if you care to walk Carry on I will, my soul melting down Rotten beans, stumbling, now itâs nothing but the town Iâm the finest drifter youâll ever hate But Iâll cook for you and Iâll clean my plate

Album Telecosmic Alchemy asculta muzica straina cuvinte asculta melodia cuvinte versuri versuri. Muzica cuvinte mp3 cantece Sebadoh.

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