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Versuri Take You High

Girl I want you Right where you are Just hold it there don't move my shining star you must not know exactly what you mean to me So deeply, completely you got me and I'm needing your love Chorus: When your feeling lonely, and you need someone to love you babe You can always trust me, cause baby I can take you high Whenever you need me, Girl it can be just you and I Cause girl you are so lovely, so tell me can I take you high, high, high Verse 2: I've been meaning to tell you goodbye But I can't seem to let you go Girl I thought it was just a fling, now what we have is so beautiful We were keeping it on the low and now I don't care if anybody knows that i love you so deeply, completely I gotta tell you so Chorus Break down: So Lovely, your love You've inspired my heart When you kiss me I blush, feels like I'm in heaven when we touch cause you are soo much Repeat Chorus until end

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