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Versuri Simple Things

1st verse: living life/early morning love/summer days and getting paid/friends from around the way/rain done gone away/favorite songs/knowing where you belong/no place like home/whatever your vice/that got you nice/at any price chours: and it feels so good/so good the simple things/the way it should be (simple things)/cant take it for granted/the way it feel, ahh/now that i understand/so good to me (simple things)/it be the simple things that life is made of/make me feel,so real,real, yeah(real good)/simple as love inside of me/and its alright,said its alright/ pure simplicity 2nd verse: family/shade from a tree/special memories/about the way it used to be/hanging on the corner/ doing what you wanna/so happy/out at the movies wit cha love/feeling high above/any troubles you'd have/just being glad to be alive/and its alright chours: break: 3rd verse: a warm smile from a child/taking in the game/the scent of spring rain/a day to relax/ a sensation of climax chours until end:

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