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(Ad-Libs) (music plays) verse 1: it was in November, while out one night with friends, that i saw her there, she was just standing there, something in her distant stare, a faint look of despair, to her i was drawn, asked her was anything wrong, i told her my name, said how you do, bouts to say you take care, it was nice to meet you, then she stopped me desperately, as if to say dont go, but then she said to me, anywhere, you wanna go, just take me, take me, (repeat) (music plays) verse two: not knowing what to say, but i could see, she was going thru some things, and needed someone to be, there to listen, probably wishing she was someone else, and in my heart felt bad and i just knew i had, cause i'd want the same myself so we got into it, and while she talked i thought to myself, how could it be, that she'd have no one, not even a friend to come, and she'd have to turn to me and say... chorus) (Music plays) verse three: seeking the wrong kind of attention, always in abusive situations, and dont know how she got it good, was starting to sound like it could be, the reason for misery, slowly i could see, she had problems nothing i or anyone could say or do, would help what she was going thru, then suddenly, she stood up across from me, and as loud as she could be, screaming out SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE! realizing she was gone, wishing i'd mind my own saying: 2nd chorus) take me an-nywhere but here, she's crazy, crazy (repeat)

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