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Curious about the wide world, Tubby takes his melody in his suitcase and travels to the big city where he meets a jazz band. At first Tubby doesn't know how to fit in, but the band shows him that the tune he learned from the Bullfrog can be jazz, too. The Jazz Band Listen to your heart, Listen to the clock, Listen to the train. A heart's got rhythm, A clock's got rhythm, A train's got rhythm. You gotta have rhythm to clap your hands, You gotta have rhythm to tap your feet, You gotta have rhythm to understand What makes jazz is a good downbeat! Your heart starts pumpin', Your feet start stompin', The whole world's jumpin'; You feel like bustin' outta your skin, It's jazz that's got you in a spin, You feel you've got the world in your hand -- Jazz can really make you understand. A rollercoaster in the sky, A red-hot trumpet's lullabye, A lamppost on a rainy night, A lonesome white electric light; A brand-new pair of golden shoes, A bullfrog singin' out the blues -- It's all connected with a beat That goes right down from your heart to your feet. Is your big heart thumpin'? Yeah, man! Are your two feet jumpin'? Yeah, man! Now ain't that somethin'? Yeah, man! That little bit of somethin' called Jazz

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