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Here beneath the moon tonight So pale and fragile Is that shining in the distance I see Real or just imagined? Imagined mirages of agua Somewhere in these sands that spread before me There lies a silent spring for me Que agua The earth without the heavens' rain Becomes powder and gravel Life without a spirit whole In time becomes a thread unraveled Or traveled in the circles of agua And lately there grows a thirst inside me With only hunger to guide me Que agua Agua ever deep Agua ever wide Agua ever still and silent Flowing into sleep finding what we hide Dreaming what cannot be sighted Agua ever warm Current ever strong Agua ever, ever lasting Gathering in storm Pouring out in song Washing over understanding Agua Agua deep Agua so wide Carry me to your shore Carry me agua Agua Agua deep Agua so wide Carry me to your shore Carry me agua (Repeat)

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