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He's got that funny name An' ramblin' that's his game, that's it He's Rambo, talkin' bout Me! We'll see (Piano) They call him Rambo 'cause he's travellin' He don't stay one place His life's a string he keeps unravellin' He don't leave no trace He's got a yen for changin' places He digs changin' scenes That way he stays in everybody's good graces He's happy on the move He's mobile and free He wants no strings attached That's how it's gotta be, see! He'll keep on ramblin' till the coda He don't stay one place Because he's just a ramblin' man His favorite hobby's hittin' the road He was a fella livin' solely by the ramblers only code Some people're born to roam Fate gave 'em roamin' natures An' so they wander aroun' Leavin' people wondrin' when they'll touch the groun' Hither 'n yon, here 'n beyon' Wherever they never been before As soon as you're used t'their face They're off 'n runnin' again Gone to another new place Peripatetic is the only word that I have ever heard that people could use that really describes him There's no other word could do that Only other word I know that comes The closest to it is Gypsy An' that don't really fit him at all Cause he ain't tellin' fortunes 'N hates bein' dipsy Everywhere I go they call him Rambo 'Cause he won't stay long In my ramblin' I've met a lotta people here 'n there An' I find they're 'bout the same everywhere Each with his own little thing That he uses while he's tryin' to swing Maybe the look ain't the same But they play the same game An' there's quite a bit o' difference In their outlook, I know Still 'n yet, their story, lem'me tell you Is a story that you won't forget When I was young 'n very green I felt so stuck with m'present situation Later, when I got a little older that was when I discovered I could split 'N find myself another groove That was all I need I was on the move I packed my little sack 'n started ramblin' To this day I'm a rover who'll always be ramblin' You git drug stayin' in one place Depressed an' feelin' low down Get new kicks movin' roun' Roamin' the country's educational for you 'N widens your point of view Tests y' mettle 'n cools y' mind out 'N that's true without a doubt Y know? I mean y'dig - - That's Rambo's gig Rambo is ready to ramble 'n itchin' t'split Oh yeah, he'll start packin' 'n quit it Forget it! 'Cause he's done with it That's Rambo! Travellin' light Stay too long he'll git uptight So his motto is Keep movin' You got it! That's his bit! Nex' time he might leave an address 'Cause the little girl that he met Las' night Paid him so much attention That it got him a bit uptight We might not have t'call him Rambo 'Cause he jes' might be settlin' down He's gone the way of all men Fat, skinny or tall men It happened to this Rover we know - Rambo

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