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(Barry Gibb/ Robin Gibb/ Maurice Gibb) Producer for Bonnie: Desmond Child There's a light A certain kind of light That never shone on me I want my life to be lived with you There's a way, everybody say To do each and every little thing But what good does it bring If I ain't got you You don't know what it's like Baby you don't know what it's like To love somebody, to love somebody The way I love you In my pain, I see your face again It's burning in my mind You ain't got to be so blind that I'm alive I'm a woman, can't you see what I am I live and breathe for you But what good does it do, if I ain't got you If I ain't got you...

Album versuri versuri TO LOVE SOMEBODY versurile album cuvinte ultima melodie muzica straina. Versurile Bonnie Tyler Pop.

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