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(Steve Benson) Producer for Bonnie: Steve Benson You never give up When the others they do You never fail You never feel blue Everyone loves you Baby, I tell you the truth Life is the hardest game But babe, not for you You'll make it, you'll take it You'll never look back Walk through a tire You'll never lose track Everybody loves you Oh it's your time Everybody needs you Baby, be mine *You're born to be a winner (You're like a hero) You're born to be a winner (You're like a hero) Born to be a winner, my love Oh there's no mountain high enough Don't hesitate (Born to win) Born to be a winner (Born to win) (You're) Born to be a winner You'll never give up Or you'll break my heart Baby, baby. we can make a new start You'll take every chance You're so young and so strong You'll give what they want You'll never go wrong Heaven must have sent you Baby, you make me feel good I'd spend the rest of my life with you If only I could You light up my life Wrap my troubles in dreams Take my desires You know what that means Everybody loves you There's no other way Everybody needs you I beg you to stay (* Repeat and fade)

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