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(Dieter Bohlen) Producers for Bonnie: Dieter Bohlen & Luis Rodriguez Some friends you lose Some friends you win Time will heal the pain I would give up everything To hold you once again Sorry doesn't make it right And tears are not enough I can't take these lonely nights And shadows from this love *We are daytime friends And night-time fools Oh nobody takes the place of you Oh a woman is a man's best friend Oh in this world, baby ** We are daytime friends And night-time fools Oh baby, breakin' up is hard to do I have golden days And restless lonely nights With you, darlin' (baby) Oh heaven knows where heaven is How does this love survive Try a little tenderness To keep this love alive Nights begin to drive me down It's waiting in my heart Oh love it makes the world go round But we're so far apart (*Repeat) (* *Repeat) I'm missin' your sweet tender kiss I'm missin' you tonight, babe All I want's your sweet caress There's nothing left to hide, baby (* * Repeat) (* Repeat) (* * Repeat and fade)

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