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Versuri System

(chorus) You in my system In my blood in my veins In my system You're my joy you're my pain There's no use in Trying to hide from me Ain't no stopping me now I'm gonna fly so free (bridge 1) The shadows on the wall They disappear I'm thinking of you now I want you here (chorus) What's the use in Trying to run away I can't stop thinking about you Everyday (bridge 2) I listen to the pain Still falling down I wanna be with you You're not around (chorus) (bridge 1) (chorus x 3) publishing : In A Bunch Ltd-Warner Chappell / Copyright Control / Rive Droite 1995

Cuvinte cuvintele versuri muzica cuvinte Bananarama melodiei ultima melodie. muzica straina versuri System album.

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