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Think of me while you're walking down the street Scheming ways for us to meet I know that you'd like to fool around You know I'm the hottest thing in town (bridge) You're getting closer Hot on my trail I'm the queen bee baby So you just can't fail (chorus 1) Cos I'm your dream dream baby I'm your sweet thing baby You're always worried that I'm not gonna stay Cos when the dreaming ends you know I'll fade away Haunting you every day and night Haunting you till the early morning light And you want me if you know what's right I'm your No. 1 lady, sheer delight (bridge) (chorus 1) (chorus 2) Dream dream baby Dream dream baby You're always worried that I'll split the scene Cos like all good things I'm fading with your dreams I can read from your eyes that you like my style Imagination's really running wild If you give it a try you know it could be So come on little baby won't you follow me (chorus 1 & 2 ad lib) publishing : In A Bunch Ltd 1984

Mp3 Dream Baby ultima melodie cuvinte melodia versuri Bananarama ultima melodie cantece. Versuri muzica straina cuvintele cantece.

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