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It's something wonderful When he makes love to me He's everything I ever need They can't understand What I see in him He's so different when we're on our own (bridge 1) He has all the things I can't do without No matter what you say to me He will always be my love energy Burn inside of me, why do they say (chorus) He's bad for me That's what they say Bad for me But I don't care Bad for me What do they know Bad for me When he's standing close I'm too blind to see All the things he doesn't do for me Just so long as I Can be by his side Doesn't matter, that's enough for me (bridge 2) Don't need anything better in my life Than my baby when he's holding me He will always be my love energy Burn inside of me, why do they say (chorus) (bridge 1) (chorus ad lib) publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd - Warner Bros Music Ltd / All Boys Music 1987

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