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[...This song is dedicated to Jennifer Berg that lost her world 00-05-28. Carry on even if it's hard, with love Klas] Give her love and protection give her all, all the things she need give her faith and a reason make her feel brighter than the sun tell her that she's special tell her that she's valuable carry on for tomorrow carry on even if it's hard [Chorus] Leave him in the sunset 28 to remember the moments in the sun and the diamond that lost her world today will keep on shining brighter than the sun Ease her pain and her guilts tell her that no one really knows help her find new solutions help her while she is still a child without no farewell we will never forget the moments in the sun [Chorus]

Melodia versuri versurile versurile Sunset 28 muzica straina album cuvintele. Versuri asculta Beseech mp3 ultima melodie album.

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