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[Music: Robert] [Arrangement: Mikael, Klas] [Lyrics: Jorgen] We lost the paradise of curiousity Now we're bound to live in anxiety All we have is hope to find the answer of the greatest question, will we live forever We all dream of..... So we head on..... Now cast aside your fears, and start believing in there's a world beyond this, a beginning We may not see it now, but in the final it will be much greater than our survival We all dream of..... So we head on..... In a new tomorrow, with all the reasons we can watch our past, and all the seasons Now we know the answer, and if you wonder we can tell you, we will live forever We all dream of..... So we head on.....

Muzica melodiei Ghoststory piesa ultima melodie asculta cantece ultima melodie versuri asculta. Muzica straina melodia versuri cuvinte piesa Beseech.

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