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[Music: Klas] [Arrangement: Beseech] [Lyrics: Jorgen] I could feel her soul, walking beside me Like a thousand roses, with thorns that cut too deep By her place I stand, with a picture in my hand Now my tears are falling, leaving traces in the ground Sail away On my trail of tears from the other side Sail away >From the world you knew before it conquers you Sail away Take the time to see your independency Sail away May my prayer be heard in the light of la luna I would like to join her, in her brand new world A part of me is dying, since you left our world I hope you'll be allright, even if it hurtsSail away Please come back to me I'll make you whole again Sail away I will cure your heart you'll have a brand new start Sail away In my mind I free you from your misery Sail away May my prayer be heard in the light of la luna I saw it coming through the atmosphere Now I've been waiting for her In a flash her image disapears Now I've been waiting for I've been waiting for her versuri cuvintele versurile Lunar Eclipse asculta versuri album muzica straina melodia asculta. Versurile Beseech melodia cuvinte.

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