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Catalogs fillin' up the mailbox Home shopping on the cable box And www dot Oh there's no escape Delivery truck coming up 'round the bend Beep, beep, beep, just backing in Sign here and here and here again 'Cause it's no money down no payments till Your whole place is cram packed filed with Chorus Stuff (stuff) stack it on stack it on up (Stuff) never gonna ever get enough (stuff) Oh it's treasure till it's mine then it ain't worth a dime It's stuff (stuff) spreading like weeds Dragging me under in an endless sea of stuff (Stuff) There ain't no end Got to get a bigger place so I can move in More stuff It's getting late but it's alright The get-it-all mart opened up all night You can catch it all with a quick swipe It's easier everyday Suv's and mini vans Parading 'round in caravans Toting off more than their tires can stand 'Cause it's no money down no payments till Every square inch of the whole world's filled with Chorus (Bridge) Drag it in, pack it in The man with the most He just wins more stuff Chorus

Melodia mp3 versurile asculta cuvinte cantece Diamond Rio asculta cuvintele ultima melodie versuri. Asculta melodia Stuff versuri melodiei album melodia muzica straina.

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