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Tom Shapiro, Marty Dodson He hung the moon Raised the sun Made the lions walk And the rivers run Then he sat down, looked around And thought a bit Said, ââ¬Åitââ¬â¢s all good but that ainââ¬â¢t quite itââ¬Â So with his mighty hand he created man And then Chorus He had a better idea A much better idea He made an angel like sweet perfume A heavenly smile, someone who Can light up a room with a heart so true I thank God he created me But when I look at you I see He had a better idea Thought Iââ¬â¢d have to face This world alone Just walk through life Without a hand to hold And I accepted that I said in fact it might be nice To live my way Now thatââ¬â¢s paradise Be he knew all along I was wrong Repeat chorus (2x) He had a better idea God had a better idea

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