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Versuri Finish What We Started

Lyin' on our backs we stared at the stars Tryin' to count them or guess how far I still remember the way that it felt The night we hung our dreams out on Orion's belt The moonlight danced out on the water's edge We started a walk that hasn't ended yet Chorus And step by step and mile by mile Taking each turn together Following the signs that point to forever And side by side True and tenderhearted We'll finish what we started The road we have traveled has sometimes been steep And we've crossed troubled waters that were raging and deep But with memories to lean on and love as our guide There's no path too winding, no river too wide One foot in front of the other each day Keeping a promise that two young lovers made Chorus

Ultima melodie versurile cuvintele Finish What We Started cuvintele versuri album muzica straina melodiei. Versuri descarca melodiei cuvintele cantece ultima melodie Diamond Rio.

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