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Versuri Stay Tuned

Verse One: Get with this get with this get with this cuz you got no choice Rappers sometimes you'll find make dough but yo you know they've got no voice get him off the podium he ain't no speaker yes he's just a phony and look at his sneakers played out of style out of rhymes he's out his mind lost his way lost his pay I'm takin' his props so call the cops you can call 'em but I know 'em Sweet MCs I think I'll ho 'em cuz they front so very hard and big or small I'll break 'em all Ain't gotta say that I'm the best my skills will show I passed the test when it comes to beats and rhymes we come correctly everytime and stay tuned Chorus: stay tuned... Verse Two: with information like the CNN I can take you there and then the rest is up to you to choose the bottom line is win or lose suckers suckers suckers don't be listening so I can't be waitin' on 'em I ain't got no time to play, do you? look at the state of things and tell me true in the city any city life's a paradox of good and evil Many fall into the vicious cycle living by the gun or by the rifle think they got a reason that ain't really sure the death toll rises more it's trife the way some live life I love rap, I like the city but for a fool I have no pity there'stoo much suffering too much struggle too much injustice and don't it bug you enough for you to press on harder against the odds the wayn our forefathers made away but foolishly we go astray think about it and stay tuned Chorus Verse Three: What you really oughta do is lay back smooth as my vocals compliment the slow fat groove just for you to blast around the way play it nice and loud and hear me say Gang Starr is hitting '92 and on showing how to make a dope rap song doing this while some disperse then dissolve like specs of dirt our music pertains to those who remain down with the real not wealth or the fame peace out, we'll be back, stay tuned... Outro: Please stay tuned

Cuvinte versuri album ultima melodie cuvintele. Muzica straina Stay Tuned melodia cuvinte asculta versurile Gang Starr melodia versuri.

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