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(DJ Premier scratches at this time I have the honor to present to you) [Guru] Parahraphs, portraying my viewpoint So stay attentive, cause this is a new joint From the G-A-N-G with the info Lyrical elements emerge from the intro Forming a poetic mass over pathetic trash Other writers are outclassed Surpassed by the words and the wit Rhymes fit and hit cause that's how we designed it Page for page, we are the new age Dope in the videos and dope when we're on stage Commanding respect with my ink pen while suckers are sinking as I'm keeping them thinking Narrating phrases of value, and I can see now you relate to what I create From back in the days of my youth, I've looked for the truth And yo my rhymes are the real proof New heights and new realms have been reached by use of my speech along with one of Premier's beats So listen and we'll show you the best way and then sway, as I read my S-A (DJ Premier cuts and scratches again) [Guru] Worshipful words giving insight, so just be observant so you can get this right My oratory gift is abundant, so dazzling to minds that you should come get a glimpse of the one who puts wimps out of work The script is a mess and they dress like they're jerks Beyond them, is where I'll be dwellin The Guru will tell em, why their records ain't sellin Placin my fingers on the tool, I runaway all fools when I'm dispersin a verse Think of an enjoyable moment, then boogie your body Cause this party I own it The origin of this is on paper Vibes will ascend from my mind to each line I go with the flow as I show expertise The powers increase as my voice hits the streets Then gripping your soul with authority I pour these rhymes in a cup so drink up And then I might bring another round Watch the sound pound from the floor to the ground And keep aware, cause we'll show you the best way And then sway, as I read my S-A

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