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(Phife from Check the Rhime)Now here's a funky introduction (scratching) Guru: chorus 1(2X): It's ALONGWAYTOGO, when you don't know where you're going You don't know where you're going when you're lost (lost) Guru: What you need is more direction and get yourself some protection I thought by now that you have learned your lesson I'm stressin points and slammin all joints you call the real shit Correct shit, you know the busta way you feel shit Baby, I still don't think you understand You lose the game, we get more props than Dan...Rather And it don't matter cuz when you flinch, you're weak So I'mma step just to speak about the counterfeit, unlegit type of people Those cellophane ones, the ones that you can see through It's poetic justice cuz I'm mad with a pact So precise, my insight will take flight in the night And in the daytime, cuz I don't come up with corny rhymes I'm too devoted to the concept of gettin mine So here's the deal like Shaquille O'Neal If you don't know what you're doing, how the hell can you be real? chorus 2 (2X): (scratching)(Q-Tip from Check the Rhime)How far must you go to gain respect? Um... Guru: Now in '93, realistically you should be...well aware of all the evils out there It's like a jungle sometimes. You get the message? You got to rumble sometimes, it's gettin hectic Emotions run deep, as times run out's time to find some out So according to me, suckers are barred >From obstructing my discussion cuz I rhyme too hard You take a wiff like a spliff here, like some fresh air I came to claim shit this year (this year) So take a stroll down the walkway, or hallway, or runway Fuck with us, kid, you'll pay I slay...and yo, I'm still on the expressway I kick my essay, then you know we don't play So pray down on your knees, G Cuz it's the best way, yes, the best way, cuz... chorus 1 (2X): chorus 2 (2X): Guru: There's a large amount of wack crews. For them, I got bad news Time to pay your dues, you fools I'm like express mail, with the script that hits Like the third rail, when I shock the spot, it's hot >From the rays of the sun Original one the prophet sent to become A law giver, cuz you shiver when I quiz ya All about the real neccessities of life All about the game and all about the name G to the A to the N to the G Starr We know who we are, but do you know who you are? (Richard Pryor: You go down there looking for justice, that's what you find, just us) chorus 1: (4X) chorus 2: (4X) (scratching) Um... (until end)

Ultima melodie descarca album album versuri muzica straina. Versuri cantece ALONGWAYTOGO melodia Gang Starr asculta cuvinte cuvinte.

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