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[Guru] You puny protozoa, you're so minute you didn't know the Gang has been watchin but instead of just squashin you I'm scoopin you up out of the muck you wallow in like a cheif chemist, other scientists are followin Plannin to examine you, on a petrie dish Sticking you and frickin you, just a teenie bit I'm clever, with science, but never relyin on false words from cowards who forever be tryin Insistin they come off, I let 'em get some off Then come back wit drum tracks, their ears could get numb off Blockbustin, like makin love, I'll never stop thrustin into your system, so just listen I'm like a neurosurgeon, operatin wit a purer version I write prescriptions, of words that fit in The thought gets prescribed, as I kick it live Cause it's more that a style, it's conceptual genius My effect on the scene is, to project that I mean this You deadbeat, wait until you see my next feat I get respect for the rep when I speak Check the technique [DJ Premier cuts] Check the technique.. (3X) Check the technique and see if you can follow it [Guru] I'm rushin you like a defensive end as I recommend that you comprehend, I could stomp you in a battle, contest, or war, what will occur will be the forfeiture, of your immature insecure for sure, meek, weak visions of grandeur To rudely awaken you, and then'll be breakin you Taxin without askin and trackin and snakin you Makin you succumb to the drums of GangStarr By far we are, truly gifted ones son But if you were to speculate or estimate us losin you'll be dyin, tryin to face the fate of your delusions Cause miscalculation, is all you're statin So I'm chumpin, puntin punks just like footballs Cause I wanna put y'all, back in the messhall to clean up the slop, and stop all the bullcrap Your rap's crazy wack, so don't try to pull that You're lackin the vernacular, I'm slappin ya and cappin ya and closin your jaw, cause you can't mess with GangStarr The Guru and Premier always dope with the blessed beats Dance your ass off Hobbes, check the technique [DJ Premier cuts] Check the technique.. (4X) [Guru] Bon voyage, Sayanora, Arriva derci Your ass gets busted doodoo mustard, you tried to work me You irked me - because you copy and falsify And I don't care how many step up, cause you all can try to wish and fish for a style, here's a fishin rod These rhymes are hittin hard, constantly I'm gettin large Inevitably, I readily kick a slew of lyrics so deep, so don't sleep, but just peep me Puttin methods on records and spinning for each millisecond 33 RPM's displays the art of men And as my rhymin builds you see my time it's chill ..and then I look upon weak ones I'm teachin each one so they become redone Essays are relayed to twist you up like French braids or tied up like corn braids, cause I got a strong way Force like police raids to never be delayed I once was the least paid but I made the grade Cause this ain't a slave sale and I ain't the same stale rapper, no, I'm not a phony microphonist wit no blaster No type of real appeal or real - talent And it makes me violent man To see all of these peewee bee MC wannabees makin G's for some dumb companies and lots of money but no idea what is rap and what is dope So check out what the Guru wrote Cause I will prevail, give you tales as I unveil Have enough braincells so I can stay paid well Now I'm in the driver's seat, and rockin the liver beats Bouncin and boomin and blastin you to the next seat Shiek and unique with lots of kick like a cleat Check the technique (.. chief unique technique..) (.. chief unique technique..) [DJ Premier cuts] Check the technique.. (3X) Check the technique and see if you can follow it

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