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Versuri Spank My Booty

When I was a kid I was a lazy child Always skipping school, I was really wild My poor old dad, he went insane Cos of his little bitch and her love with pain So my daddy, he spanked my butt He turned me into his super spanky slut I begged him for his mercy with tears in my eyes He didn't know that he just showed me paradise Then I met my boyfriend, he was almost 85 Crawling on the floor he knew all about life I was feeling horny and just couldn't resist I had to have him beat me with his manly fist I started bleeding badly, love at first strike Since that romantic moment I crawled by his side But just the other day I hit him right back The poor old bastard got himself a heartattack Now I'm a little older and addicted to the whip When I'm chained to the wall I feel mighty hip Rings in my nipples, metal in my cheeck I'm the queen of the club, I look really chique III need to be whupped, mmm, I love that stuff Some good ol'fashioned beating, can't get enough I still beg my dad on my two bare knees Oh cruel daddy, come and spank me please Spank my booty, come on and spank my booty Spank my booty - spank my booty real good

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