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I'm gonna be a superstar I'm gonna drive a supercar I'm gonna be famous and get rich Gonna turn into a superbitch Gonna have tons of bodyguards Gonna use gold creditcards I'm gonna flirt with Sly Stallone I'm gonna be hot like Sharon Stone I'm gonna buy myself some tits If it'll help me get big hits I also want another nose Brandnew cheecks, first class bones I'm gonna be a VIP I'm gonna be the star on MTV On the cover of a magazine Gonna be famous, gonna be seen A diamond ring, Mercedes Benz, a swimming pool, aguarded fence A private gym, a nose job, a supersexy bodyguard A furry coat, a great big yacht, a golden watch, a filmaward A millionnaire, a private jet, a fancy big waterbed I wanna have my private shrink And olives in my cocktaildrink I'll smoke a spliff with Clinton Bill The Whitehouse'll be my place to chill Superstar, superstar That's what you are, a superstar

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