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Versuri Take Control

Oohoo ohoo I'm moving, I'm follow the beam I'm hypnotised by your scream Created by love This feeling makes me groove This energy below The force is carry me over the top Not knowing how to stop I'm hungry, I'm hungry for your touch Feel the rythm, feel the soul, Lords of Acid take control (x4) Ooho o Ooho o There's madness, to see that there's no gain Takes control of my brain It's pure, it's sick, It's a reflection of the soul Deepdown in my heart Filling a hole Created by hate The fact, the fact that I'm alone A victim turned to stone Feel the rhythm, feel the soul, Lords of Acid take control (x4) muzica straina versuri versurile mp3 Versuri ultima melodie melodiei Lords Of Acid melodia Take Control muzica melodia.

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