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Versuri Song To Ruin

a lone voice crying in the wilderness: make the straight way for the coming of theΓ’€Β¦ a dry throat stutters on an empty vision of milk and honey and desolate quiet. a dry mouth falters on the opening blast of a song to ruin what it left behind. a bare sole longing for the feel of concrete, and a lone voice crying in the wilderness. i have these dreams when iΓ’€™m feeling sick of unfinished patterns that i canΓ’€™t collate at all, of an inward breath in a land bereft of uncrippled figures, of an exhalation, of the himavant, of a pulse

Melodia Million Dead melodiei Song To Ruin versuri versuri descarca album ultima melodie. Versurile melodia melodia muzica straina.

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