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ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats, put on your thinking caps. now hereâs a poser for you: you know sexism, the social scourge of the sixties seen as singularly responsible for a plethora of ills? well the reaction, after starting well, has moved from the sublime to the ridiculous through self-defensive actions of the string-vested interests. so please letâs dispense with tired fixations with forms of address, and with constant vilification of legitimate sexual attraction, with weak accusations of inverted discrimination, because itâs getting old. come on girls, this is weak. come on boys, gird up your loins. and yes, iâm no qualified social theorist, but iâve got me a few ideas i picked up while i was trying to be a human being. iâm amazed - no seriously, folks, iâm really fucking awestruck. leafing through so called lifestyle magazines... the beauty industry is just the tip of the goddamn iceberg. the prostitution of dignity for a sense of humour? the smallest blows against ignorance seen as too much? iâm amazed, and youâre afraid. youâre cowering behind a bravado built on pornography for cowards.

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