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three / four decades bored... oh me oh my i am almost speechless with the irony. whatever happened to the victims of the most monstrous crime in history? from justifiably angry camp survivors, steeped in zionism, to bookshelf copies of mein kampf with neatly crossed out anti-semitism. you're not learning the lessons taught. your cycle of history is pathetically short. you were there, you saw and heard, and thus destroyed the lessons of nuremberg. you'd kiss that shining lipstadt, fresh from judicial victory. but i class her academia with irving, her enemy. and i won't have that accusing finger turned around and pointed at me. you compound your racism by painting criticism with the broad brush charge of bigotry. so think before you open your mouth and don't tell me it didn't happen. these sights and sounds engraved on hearts. we can't doubt the voices of the million dead, but we can't doubt the indigtment of these honest men (gaza, west bank, hebron, jerusalem...). we saw your bloody thumbprints on the gun-stocks in beirut, and we heard your hateful footsteps at the temple of the mount, so come on sharon, face up. it's too easy to let hate breed hate, but that'll never be a decent excuse.

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