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Versuri Skull

There is history in this place There are dragons to be chased And though I don't know who you are An easy flow and a strong, a strong heart And the charm in the way you hide Gently take my skull for a ride And I don't know who you are But I know what I would like you to be A one-night stand under stoned persuasion But a joy that I can't hide Gently take my skull for a ride We can never ever go too far The pain we can't escape at least will wait So let's go quickly, no we go slow Let's go chasing dragons through the snow Kindly take my all And give me all you have Gently take my skull for a ride Take and shake your soul But never lose control Gently take your skull for a ride

Muzica straina Sebadoh album album Skull melodia. Versuri cantece melodiei ultima melodie ultima melodie cuvintele melodiei versurile versuri cuvinte.

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