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Whoa whoa whoa mama here I go whoa again too fast on the downhill faster than I can run If miles turned to inches you know that man would roll all the way around the world tonight look at him go no jumping off the ride at 30 miles per hour iron brains and ball bearings give him the power Whoa whoa take a look whoa whoa look at that man whoa whoa you can see it that man is free Whoa whoa whoa mama here I go whoa again too fast on the downhill faster than I can roll You got to see him to beleive him can't you hear 'em callin' you got to hear him, there's no fear in that man can't you hear 'em callin' he's like a mean molten gold can't you hear 'em callin' lord, he's got to have his story told can't you fear you're fallin' tounge tip slip'n inand out like a lizard can't you fear you're fallin' ah, good god, that man'a a damn wizard can't you hear 'em callin' black hair snapn' like a bull whip in the air can't you feel you're fallin' red roll'n wheels run'n for the downhill Dare me!

Versuri Skateboard cantece cuvinte cuvinte cuvintele cuvintele. asculta muzica straina versuri cuvinte descarca Jefferson Starship descarca.

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