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Unused lyrics at beginning of lyric sheet: Warm.....round the hunting fire Wrapped in the robes of the dead warrior Protected from ferocious winds Under the shield of the dead gladiator Standing in the darkness of this stagecraft All is black I cannot see your faces I need Light I want to see your eyes Let my voice wash over your faces Connection Connection Whoaa ohhh A hundred thousand years ago People livin' in bone white cities Comin' and goin' on streets of silver Talkin' future history Then something very strong went wrong And suddenly People gathered round the hunting fires (Huddled in caves like animal, not human) Round the warmth of the late night fire Cities gone, memories fading Spend their lives round the late night fire Give their souls to the hunting fire Seeking each other's company Tryin' to remember ancient history They lost connection They lost contact They need to touch you Reach out across the ages and touch you Meanwhile somewhere in the 20th century A young girl named Phoebe Caulfield Plops herself down on the sofa Pops open a soda and watches you She likes to watch murderer talk She likes to see them on my TV She likes to watch them how they walk She likes to hear what they say It's like a car crash Bloody fascination You wonder how they get their shoes tied Sit and stare at the horror there She knows you watch them too Stranglers, murderers, snipers, terrorists Political assassins, crazy ones, cool ones All them looking for Connection They lost contact They lost direction They need sexual, mystical Magical, uninterrupted, Peter Gabriel like Contact Here I am Again inside This darkness All is black I cannot see your future Give me light I want to see your eyes Just a little light Inside your future A small connection Connection Ah!!!! I'd like to see Jesus and Mohammad On the road to Damascus What did you think they would say Would they fight with knives clenched in their teeth Like Jews and Arabs today Or would they walk and speak Like philosophers and thinkers Amused at each other's insights Relishing the brain waves there Round the warmth of the hunting fire Eager for, hungry for They got to have You know they love Connection Contact Communion And let our two great religions Cease their senseless struggle It only hurts the children Connection Connection

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