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Versuri Runaway

You don't know how much I love you buit I love you like the sun I'd like to put my arms around you and we could runaway if you knew how much I miss you oh and I miss you more and more each day I'd really like o come and see you and we could runaway sun is comin' and it's getting warmer they tell me spring is just around the corner I been sitting watchin' all the flowers birds are singin' getting louder and louder and here I am missin' you and here I go I'm lovin' you run run run run runnin' if you knew how much I need you oh and I need you like the air and if someone should takey you from me well then I'd runaway... Jefferson Starship ultima melodie mp3 cantece asculta versuri Runaway cantece muzica straina descarca. Versuri melodiei melodia cuvintele.

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