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Damned if I do, and damned if I donât I told you I loved you, I wish that I hadnât You donât seem the same I guess I know you too well I knew I was falling, but I didnât know how low Iâd fell Sister, oh sister, who told you these lies? I havenât got time to teach you what it could be like To pull you from this, child You donât smell the stink, but your mind has found the bed You think Iâm all yours and I wish that I were dead The words were not your own, it was something your mother said Umbilical bloodline, mind control, by the whiny chat (?) Sister, oh sister, I thought itâd be nice That thing I felt when we first met just will not suffice The glimmer in your eyes I love you, sister A bloodline to condescend I thought so, sister, but I cannot pretend Itâs hard to believe this blood, this isnât healthy love Itâs hard to believe this love, this isnât healthy blood Sister, oh sister, you thought you were so wise But weâre still fishing and coming from the blindest eye A logic you defy

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