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step inside the reason why we look together then we find come inside the world's a ball we rise above it as we fall everybody's open air so love me love me -- love me where? a million things and one to fly (say) life's a witch and then you smile took a trip inside your heart has seen much better days before we hit the high here's to you sideways the moon is warm the river's high and love, forever never dies check inside yourself and see that life is what you want to be took a ride inside your heart has seen much better days and before we hit the right one here's to you, sideways here's looking at you sideways sideways dreaming of you sideways sideways had a dream where everybody looked like someone else the farthest i could get from was the closest to myself tonite i'll dream tomorrow's going to be that better day and in the morning i'll remember you, sideways sideways sideways here's looking at you sideways sideways i'm dreaming of you sideways gonna give it to you sideways

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