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i said nadine, whatcha thinkin' of? why don't you love me like you did again because lately, all the stars above have been holding hands and singing your name well unchain me from your ball of love and i promise not to sin again because nadine, you're the only one drives all the boys crazy insane she doesn't love me quite the way that i hoped she would nadine's got that certain vibe that makes you feel you ain't doing the things you should i said nadine, it's you i'm dreaming of and there's one thing i wanted to say and that's maybe, when all is said and done we can be lovers at the end of the day no one in this world makes me feel the way she do oh nadine made me feel so fine and then she made me feel so blue well i just used to sit and smile and think it wasn't meant to be 'cause i don't know if you were mine i don't think i would know just what to do with you nadine i said nadine, tell me what you're thinking of i said nadine, i'm in love i said nadine, tell me about the stars above i said nadine, i'm in love

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