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He walks with angels in his picket They tell him what to do His shopping cart's filled with newspapers And thirty-six discarded shoes He's met with heavy skepticism Messiahs don't come everyday Shopping cart Jesus He wants to talk to you One hundred blessings on his fingers He can't give away He feels so frustrated Wasn't supposed to go down this way He really wants to talk to you right now Messiahs don't come everyday He wears a bag on his head for a hat He's got sores on his feet And shit in his pants, he wonders why when he speaks The word - the people walk away Shopping cart Jesus He wants to talk to you He wants to talk to me So Jesus stands on this corner And his gospel falls to the ground He's cold and he's hungry And he needs a drink And he knows nobody believes He walks to the alley and finds salvation In the form of a forty-five And on his way home he'll swallow that bullet To comfort him on his ride Shopping cart Jesus He wants to talk to you

Shopping Cart Jesus cuvinte cuvintele asculta cantece cuvintele asculta descarca. Versurile cuvintele Acrimony versuri cuvinte descarca muzica straina piesa versuri.

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