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First time he saw him was A New York City cafe Walked into that room Things would really change He had too much to drink Guess he didn't think about his family What went wrong You could be his woman You could be his man You could be his queer You could be his drug store slam You could be his woman And I hope your family understands Second time he saw him was The south of France Some passion fashion disco And a bastard's dance What went wrong Or what went right That night Was it love? You can be his woman You can be his man You can be his queer You can be his drug store junkie slam Real love doesn't come so easy when you're on your knees Say please Guess it's just a figure of speech Life's got its lessons to teach Just like fuzz on a peach But be careful where you reach Man I can only tell you Sex is dangerous (Chorus) Didn't know what was gettin' into you

Melodia versuri descarca muzica Acrimony muzica straina cantece. Descarca piesa Queer album cantece versuri.

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