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Balcony in El Paso Cigarette butts grace my balcony And the remains of a dead pigeon seem somewhat poetic The life form that scurries around below *Is a mixture of Tex-Mex and trailer park trash I know you - 'cause I used to live here, too Guess that makes you just like me That make you wonder about yourself? *Your secret's safe I don't know why I'm here but I can't stay The more things change The more they stay the strange Sittin' here on this plane Watchin' the empty faces crawl past me You know they all seem to have ingested That same melancholy pill Instead of warm, fuzzy and safe They seem cold and judgmental Little conversations come in and out of audio focus It's all in slow motion but somehow moving at the Speed of fear I feel such the animal, I'm always the animal My body's the cage - I'm locked in this cage My home is worn, it's torn, it's been abused And I like it (Chorus) Here I sit in another hotel and it smells like someone else I lay in bed and I can taste the smell They smell of smoke, the drink, the stink And the stain on the floor I wonder was he with his wife? *Or another man's whore Scratches upon the glass Tell of the drugs and the radio Is still on to the music that made them dance I bet it was sweet But me? Fuck man I gotta get some sleep

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