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Versuri Shipwrecked In The Ighties

Well you fight like the devil to Just keep your head above water Chained to whatever you got That you can't throw away And you're shooting through space On that river of life that you're riding And it's swirling and sucking you Deeper on down everyday. So you turn to your trusty old partner To share some old feelings And you find to your shock that Your faithful companion is gone (so long, Tonto) And the truth slowly dawns that you're Lost and alone in deep water And you don't even know how much longer There is to go on Like an old Holy Bible you've clung to For so many seasons With the rules of survival in words You could still understand. When they proved something wrong You believed in so long you go crazy And you're so close to foldin' the cards That you hold in your hand Singing, holy Toledo I can't see the light anymore (Hank Williams said that) All those horizons that I used to guide me are gone (I'm damn sure Van Morrison said that ...) And the darkness is driving me farther away from the shore (I said that.) Throw me a rhyme or a reason to try to go on. (Come on, Danny, throw me a line, baby!)

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