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Versuri She And Mr Jones

Hey motherfucker, are you jerking off again You horny little bastard can't do anything right You can't fuck, you can't suck, let me beat that dick You see, you gotta do it faster, faster, faster, faster Hey, baby make me wet. Please tie me to your bed Whip my body, make me sweat, whip my body make me sweat Hey baby make me wet Suck me loud and suck me long, baby's gonna make me come Make me scream and make me shout, let your tongue go in and out On the table, on the floor, baby make me beg for more On the backseat of the car, baby's gonna drive me far Hey baby make me wet............ Eat that pussy, chew it up. Come on baby make me drop From the bed onto the floor, give me what I'm asking for Jump my body through the night, baby takes me for a ride Put me on your burning spear, drink my juices like a beer Give me all the fun you got, do it 'cause I'm sweet and hot Fuck me like I know you can baby show me you're a man Lick me up and try me down, fingers going round and round Carress my boobs and lick my feet baby take away the heat Hey baby make me wet

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