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[Music & Lyrics by Jos] Voices inside Keep on twisting my thoughts things that are rationally right sre crooked to me but i make it work my way the thoughts inside are painfully and cruel but they are a fuel so strong that it makes my life go wrong i seek their pain to ease my mind it makes pain in my head seem less bright and brings me closer to delight i feel my past getting control over me when will i be freed from this misery when my mind let me be it seems that no body understands the pain that's in my head it's only eased by death it's the only way to live it seems that no body understands that chaos in my life it's hurting me so much i want to hurt somebody else a memory of burning flesh is the deepest thought for me the shadows keep hurting me it's blackening all of this

Album Scarred Acrostichon versuri ultima melodie. Cuvinte melodiei muzica straina cuvinte muzica descarca piesa ultima melodie piesa versurile versuri versurile cantece.

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