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There's no turning back Back out of life Life's adversity A grotesque contradiction Drowning in hope Hope gets distorted Distorted mental state Feel the pain of life I hold in contempt Those without thoughts A stupid kind of happyness Not aware of what's to come [CHORUS] Scarce moment of joy To good to be true Feelings lighten up Who will take it away Thinking you've got friends Feeling good inside Comparative moments Of joy will fade away Gaining feelings It feels so good inside Comparative moments of joy Will be taken away [CHORUS] People surrounding me Don't understand my ways Forcing myself into depression [CHORUS] Going through a mental hell Bust up my own mind Comparative moment of joy Has been taken away Time after time Things seem so different Don't grow attached to people They'll take it all away

Acrostichon piesa mp3 versurile muzica straina ultima melodie. melodiei versuri album versuri piesa Engraved In Black ultima melodie cantece album muzica muzica.

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